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Tips For Taking A Golf Cart With You On Vacation

Even if you never stepped foot on a golf course before, you may still love owning a golf cart. This little vehicle is great for taking to campgrounds because it lets you explore the campground and get to all the nearby attractions easily. Depending on the model you buy, you may even have enough room to take your kids, grandchildren or even friends with you on that cart. Though you might think that traveling with your cart is as easy as towing it behind your truck or RV, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Check with the Facility

If you head off to a campground without asking if you can bring your cart first, you might find yourself a little disappointed when you arrive. Many campgrounds now have rules in place regarding the type of carts they allow and when you can drive your cart, and some campgrounds outright forbid guests from bringing golf carts with them. You should always look at the website of the facility for any information or call the campground directly to ensure your golf cart is welcome there.

Bring Extra Parts

When you select a campground in a more rural area, you may find yourself quite a long drive from repair shops and stores that sell replacement parts. That is why you should always bring some extra parts with you to handle any emergencies that might occur. EZGO parts may include a starter belt, new drive, replacement batteries, clutches and drive trains. The more replacement parts you have on hand, the better prepared you are for any emergencies. Many campers find it helpful to bring at least one spare key in case they lose theirs.

Type of Power Needed

Golf carts today come in two clear and distinct types: battery powered carts and fuel powered carts. Fuel powered carts rely on fuel that you can buy from almost any gas station. You can even purchase extra fuel to store inside your RV. Carts that rely on battery power have a rechargeable battery. You can plug the cart right into the outlet on your RV or the outlet provided by the facility to ensure you have power. The best type of cart for your trip depends on how often you want to drive it and the amenities offered by the campground. Check with the campground and bring extra parts with you when traveling with your golf cart.