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Top 7 beaches in the world.

Not all Shores are created equal — as anybody who has ever fought visitors, stalked individuals for parking endlessly hunted for a spot not inhabited by tourists or trash and then tolerated whichever aspiring DJ decided to set up camp 20 feet away, could manifest.

With the perfect scenery and shoreline and the correct conditions, whatever troubles and headaches you have gone through cease to matter. Some beaches are close mystical in their abilities to slow time, erase reality, and hook you into a force greater than yourself. Here are some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches with their majestic cliff, yellowish white sand and the sparkling blue waters.


Blue Lagoon – Turkey

It almost looks like a small slice of Thailand up and dropped itself at the merging of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. Ten miles from the town of Fethiye lies green peaks boundary with glistening turquoise water, a peninsula that separates one stretch of beach from another. The shore is a national marine sanctuary, which means you won’t find any eyesores or hotels stinking up the place.

Bonus: Diving this is also first rate, with a few intriguing caves and plenty of marine life using near-limitless visibility.


Navagio – Greece

This magnificent crescent beach, accessible only by boat, is surrounded on three sides by dramatic, sheer cliffs. This doesn’t stop the tourists; they float in to soak up the sun and enjoy the beauty of cove’s white sands and Ionian Sea’s blue water.

Bonus: Located in the centre of the beach is a rusted hull of a freighter. It ran around in 1980 and was rumoured to be smuggling wine. This is the reason that the shore earned its nicknames: Shipwreck Beach and Smuggler’s cove.


Grace Bay – Turks And Caicos Islands

The water in Turks and Caicos is a distinctive brand of light aqua; you will find nowhere else on the planet. This iconic stretch of white sand is only a stone’s throw from the large resorts. It appears just as spectacular in the water as from the sand so let a tiny sailboat and research it from both angles.

Bonus: The tropical marine life is comparatively very vast taking it a step above most scuba dives.


Hidden Beach – Mexico

While no longer as concealed as the title might indicate, this beach is rumoured to have been shaped by the Mexican army detonating test bombs in the early 1900s.

Bonus: There is a water tunnel you need to pass through to get there.

Cala Deia – Spain

Even though it is not a lay-out-and-tan kind of place, this shingle beach on the west coast of Mallorca is a distinctive seaside spot. Cliffs encircle the sapphire water, and even though villas are built into these cliffs, the place still feels like a hidden piece of paradise.

Bonus: Two seafood restaurants let you enjoy fresh-caught seafood when eating almost-on-top of the water.


Piha Beach – New Zealand

Auckland also known as the “beach town” holds some enduring sights just twenty-five miles north of the town. It is home to Lion Rock, an enormous 16-million-year-old stone that has made appearances on both the Auckland telephone book and postage stamps. Green hills line the coast, with streams and tributaries running out to the Tasman Sea.

Bonus: The beach is made up of black sand, formed from volcanic minerals making it a unique surfing spot.



While Bali gets the Majority of the Indonesian shore hype, the most jaw-dropping shore in the nation is in Maluku. The actual stretch of Sand is not particularly big, but the general setting of emerald sea flowing Through jungle islands is the stuff of South Pacific fantasies. And since it Doesn’t get a bunch of hype, you can often float face up at the absolutely obvious water without anyone else around.

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